New “Red Flag” Laws

Pushing to Confiscate Guns By
Dr. Fred DeRuvo
It is tragic to note that since Donald J. Trump became our duly elected 45th president of the United States, we’ve continued to see situations in which people armed with guns have opened fire on innocent bystanders. Nearly all of these perpetrators have been aligned with political left. Many are known as “Trump resisters,” believing that President Trump and his supporters are trying to destroy America. The latest shooting occurred just recently (August 26th) in Jacksonville, FL at a large video gaming event. An individual who illegally carried a gun into the “gun-free zone” event (after legally purchasing it in his home state in the Northeast, but illegally carrying it across state lines into Florida), and opened fire on other gamers was not stopped at the door because there was no security present to enforce the no guns allowed policy at the event itself. The problem as we know is that neither criminals or mentally unstable obey “gun free zone” policies. Our hearts and prayers go out to victims. Not long after President Trump initially took office, Florida experienced another shooting at a high school in Parkland. Several were killed and wounded. Schools are generally also gun-free zones (stemming from a bill pushed into law by Joe Biden). Shortly after that event, to the dismay of many conservatives, Read more…

Millions and Millions of Years

By Pastor Loren Regier
The Church is sick, and the cancer that is eating us alive isn’t the theory of Evolution. I would never diminish the far-reaching effect that evolution’s farce has had upon the church, but the greatest enemy of the life of the church today is a much more silent and deadly killer—not evolution but pollution. Most men with any shred of reason understand that “nothing comes from nothing, and nothing ever would.” Stupidity does not become more plausible when dressed up as so-called science. Deep in the heart of any thinking person is a God-fashioned skylight pointing to a Creator who is both divine and sovereign. God has placed eternity in the heart of every soul. Curse God if you will, excuse him with “millions and millions of years” if you dare, yet the echo of all such nonsense is the unquenchable whisper of the conscience: God is, and you will meet Him some day. No exceptions. No escape. Read more…

There Is Hope

By Taylor Fleury
”And Shechaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, We have trespassed against our God, and have taken strange wives of the people of the land: yet now there is HOPE in Israel concerning this thing.” Ezra 10:2 Did you catch that? “We have trespassed against our God… yet now there is HOPE…”  Israel had directly disobeyed God. They had married foreign wives and sinned against the Lord. Read more…