Dying, or Looking for Life?

Elijah’s Biggest Battle

By Pastor Loren Regier

“But [Elijah] went a day’s journey in to the wilderness and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, it is enough now, O Lord, take away my life. . .” I Kings 19:4 Did you know that your biggest battle will not be confronting false prophets on the top of Mount Carmel? It won’t even be facing the hot breath of the Devil himself. Your biggest enemy, dear friend, is you. Elijah’s tired and discouraged voice rose up from the desert sands. “Can I just quit? May I kick the bucket, Lord? Please, go ahead and take me out! I mean it, Lord – I’m through!” Overwhelmed by the odds against him, Elijah’s spirit was exhausted. Are you there today? Counting your sorrows and not your blessings? Tired of the scarce harvest that living for God seems to bring? We all have them. Elijah moments. Prophet Elijah’s desperation took him to the point where he said, “O Lord, take away my life.” Read more…

The Eyes Have It

By Pastor Loren Regier
The eyes have great power to communicate. Some of us can still remember how our hearts jumped when the look of love first came our way. Remember the love-look? It was the look from across the room reserved for us or, at least, that was our hopeful interpretation. It was the “I think I found my love of a lifetime” look. The eyes met and lingered for just a longing moment. Ah, what a world of hope was forged in that glance. All your young life you were waiting for “the look”…when your eyes met, your head spun, your heart melted, and your knees buckled. The air was sweeter, birds sang in unison, and even the stones cried out, “She loves me!” All this from just one look. Mutual admiration sparked and still nurtures this look. It continues to be the special look between lovers that says, “I love you and this look is reserved for you.” It should be a look that stays alive as long as your marriage does (you did marry that looker, didn’t you?). Read more…